License IT audit

License IT audit

We will check if you are playing on legal field and verify your License status

We will analyze the conformity to law of all the installed computer software, documents of purchase and licenses that belong to Your company. We will create and write out the conclusion of the audit. We offer and supply alternative, licensed computer software that is required for Your company, when necessary. We will provide regular updates for the installed computer software. In the future, Your company will be able to successfully continue its activities without the need to worry about state inspections.

We provide license IT audit services to avoid problems with law. We will care about your license and provide full consultation in any situation.

There are regular raids in which copyright protection organizations, including the State Police Economic Crime department, are fighting the unlicensed use of computer software in Latvian companies. Unlawful use of computer software is penalized not only with administrative, but also with criminal punishment.

The Criminal Law (article 148) states that the punishment for copyright infringement is up to 2 years of imprisonment, a monetary fine or forced labour. In case when the copyright infringement damages are estimated higher than 16 000 euros, the imprisonment term increases to up to 6 years. Additionally, a commercial activities’ ban as well as police surveillance may be placed upon the perpetrator. Furthermore, all the hard drives that contain unlicensed software are confiscated, and the perpetrator must pay a compensation for damages that amounts to a full price of the licensed software to the developers.

Every year in Latvia there are approximately 50 criminal cases where the director of a company is accused of possessing illegally obtained computer software.