About Us

About Us

inTechnologies specializes in the development and implementation of Information Technology at Your home & business.

12Years’ Experience In IT Support

We provide stable and secure IT Support Service

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Our Team

We have a professional IT support team

management team

Team management

We use effective team management to administrate and coordinate our staff to perform a task, to promote teamwork and proper communication and for proper objective setting. It helps us to identify potential problems and resolve all issues within a team.

Quality control system

We register any case or problem in our ticketing system to provide quality service to our customers. Quality control is very important on all stages of our work.
educated staff

Professional Staff

To provide high quality service, we need professional and educated staff. Our staff have a high level of education. We are studying all the time in order to increase our professional skills to provide the best services.

Collaboration and trust

Services that we provide are clear and understandable. Professional and stable support for your business.

Safety & integrity

All our support procedures and actions are safe. We provide safety control on all steps of work. Safety and Integrity are the leading aspects of our business.

Ownership & Performance

Difficult situation ownership is a great opportunity to solve the problem quickly. It is an effective method that we often use.

Customer focus & Quality

We are responsible for all the services that we provide. A customer is very important to us: our customer services have a highly reliable quality control system.